Killing Diabetes

So many Type 2 Diabetics Diabetes curable?  

Traditional medical therapy says NO!  

Take your medicine, check your sugar, and monitor for complications and side effects!!!

This course shares practical information Dr. William G Curtis has gathered over years practicing medicine with Type 2 Diabetics.  His hopeful message centers on the proper recognition of the actual dietary causes of diabetics and the tactics he employs with his patients to reverse this devastating Dis-Ease.

This course provides valuable insight into mindset your physician may have about curing diabetes and specific tools to help you learn the proper way to prove success.  Armed with focused knowledge you can more confidently discuss with your doctor ridding yourself of reliance on drugs, shots, and daily monitoring of your sugar.

Dr. Curtis shares not only nutrition and lifestyle advice specific to Type 2 Diabetics, he also teaches what you need to know about medications used to treat this condition.   Specifically, he shares his experience with protocols for removing medication as you reverse the symptoms of diabetes.  

Course Syllabus

Killing Diabetes Format

This section provides a brief overview of the structure and expectations of this course.

Introduction to Type 2 Diabetes

This section begins your education into what you need to know about Type 2 DM. You will leave this section more knowledgeable and ready to discuss diabetes with your doctor.

Monitoring Diabetes

This unit helps you understand how doctors monitor T2DM. You will understand the how and why certain tests are ordered and why they matter. This will serve as the basis for comparison in the future.

Medication Review

This unit explores medications used to treat T2DM. The more you learn about medications, complications, and typical treatment protocols, the more likely you can successfully work with your doctor to safely remove medications.

Diabetic Diet

Armed with Action Items #1 and #2, you have some basic steps to follow. Now we discuss the bulk of dietary guidelines to crush T2DM.

Value of Fitness/Physical Activity

You knew exercise and fitness had to enter the plan somewhere.....This Unit will hopefully convince you that increasing physical activity is another strong tool for improving vitality and Killing Diabetes!

Intermittent Fasting

At this point you have progressed through a series of steps which have likely improved your average blood sugars and led to the more important outcome of lowering insulin and insulin sensitivity. Now we explore a major tool foundational for all health, especially for T2DM...fasting.

Exploring Stress and T2DM

Thus far you have learned natural ways to treat T2DM. You have explored how and why medications are used and strategies to remove them. You have also begun the necessary steps to change the key nutritional and physical habits required to eliminate T2DM. In this unit, we will explore how stress affects T2DM.

Changing Habits

At this stage of Killing Diabetes you have the basic tools and concepts to eliminate T2DM. In this unit I will explore several topics to help make lifestyle and dietary changes "Stick."

Monitoring Progress

This unit explores how to monitor long term progress. To truly eliminate Type 2 Diabetes fundamental change is required. No one and done here. No quick fixes. Long term, life-long solutions is what changes outcomes.

Diabetic Remission

How do you know where to stop? Where is the finish line?

Updates & Bonus Material

"I learned about your site and book from a young medical student named Terry. She says she's worked at your office and recommended I read your book. She was kind enough to gift me hers during my last visit at the hospital. She will be a great doctor! Fast forward 7 months and my a1c has dropped from a 12.3 to a 6.1 and still improving! I've lost 53 pounds and can finally ski again! Terry said you'd be happy to hear this. I'll be sharing your site with my family and friends. Blessings to you, Dr. Curtis." — Frank,
"As a pre-diabetic with a Hemoglobin A1c of 6.1, I used the dietary techniques Dr. Curtis teaches to completely reverse my path to Type 2 Diabetes. My most recent Hemoglobin A1c, 18 months later is 5.5 = NON Diabetic!" — Patty,
"I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 in November 2018. I went on doctor William Curtis program in December 2019. Is very dedicated I never cheated I filed a diet to the rule I had plenty of exercise. My first notable change what's the extra energy I had. I no longer craved the junk food that I had previously. I went from 197 down to one 79. By the end of February the doctor took me off insulin. I'm still monitoring my sugar and my blood pressure but the doctor believes and I've reversed diabetes I would let you know. I know is I feel great I'm eating healthy and I'm still exercising." — Jim,

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